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Was watching a video by a vegan YouTuber I've recently subscribed to, and he claims that a whole food vegan diet is the most healthy possible diet.

Ok, fine, could be. What's the study? It's one thing I like about him, he cites his sources, and goes to the actual original sources in scientific and medical journals and whatnot. So I was expecting something interesting on the specific claim that it reduces the risk of coronary artery disease.

What did I get?

A study that looked at people already having issues, comparing people not on a whole food vegan diet to people who are. Just those two groups.

Was the first group vegans eating a lot of processed food? Omnivores? Carnivores? Vegetarians? Fruitarians? A mix of some or all of the above? No clue. I don't know if the referenced study went into this, but the video I was watching did not and it's sort of completely relevant so I'd be surprised someone who seems to know their way around scientific papers would miss that.

This, at best, establishes that under some circumstances, people can improve their health by switching from what they are currently eating to a whole food vegan diet. It does not establish the general case superiority of the latter. I just skipped the rest of the video.
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So, I'm set up to play vinyl records again, at least for listening. The setup is... Well, it works.

I have a Technics SL-1200mk2 as the turntable, into an ancient stereo mixer I got for $5 at a flea market to provide the phono preamp. The speaker out from the mixer goes to my TVs component audio in. The TV needs a video signal too for the component in to be active, which is provided by a Playstation One.

Somewhat macgyvered, but again, it works.
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So I bought a package of Beyond Burger patties. While the price of $6 for two patties is definitely a con, these are the first vegan burgers that both attempt to replicate beef and I genuinely enjoy. A few others I can tolerate, but this one I actually like. It's not exact, I don't know that I'd say it lives up to the hype, but it comes a lot closer than I previously have thought possible.

While based on pea protein, it doesn't have the overwhelming pea flavor that the companies beefy crumbles has. That experience put off me trying these burgers for quite a while, glad I got over that.

The price means I won't be buying these often, but I *will* be buying them again.


Mar. 18th, 2019 03:06 am
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So it's looking like a conversion of Arcane Hierophant to Pathfinder will be an option in the campaign I'm playing. We need an Arcane caster, I already play a Druid. Yes, there's Mystic Theurge but AH is more of a Druid variant than the MT. And the GM suggested it.

The problem is that Arcane spells typically require Intelligence or Charisma, neither of which are in great spots to go heavy into Arcane magic. Some googling later...

Empyrean Sorcerer. Variant Celestial bloodline, notable for using Wisdom for casting. Which is what I already use as a Druid. This keeps all my ASIs in one place, or gives more flexibility in the event alternate paths to ability increases present themselves. Won't be "Oh, got that Wisdom some other way, it goes to Int then". It's "I got that Wisdom some other way, I can use my next levelup ASI on WHATEVER I WANT TO USE IT ON"

RP wise this also seems like it has some real potential to fit who I see this character as. Works well mechanically and RP? Sign me the heck up.
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Holy crap you guys this just happened.

So, on my way home from work, I find myself behind a pickup truck with some white appliance in it. Stove, washing machine, something, I just saw it from behind. Not strapped that I could see, but I figured it would be fine.

The appliance I saw was, in fact, fine, and was undisturbed in the incident.

That sentence was specific for a reason, that reason being there was another appliance in front of this one. Which tipped to the left, then back, then right the fuck out over the tailgate and it cartwheeled across the road to the right not far ahead of me.

I hit the brakes, of course, which bought the thing time to clear the road before I hit it, but still, holy crap. I've never wanted a dash cam more than I have that moment.
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So years ago I had an idea to make a synthesizer using 555 timer ICs as the oscillator.

Now, with an Arduino, this should be much easier.

I've got two main possibilities to control it- a resistor/capacitor network which I activate/deactivate parts of as needed, or a digital potentiometer.

I think the latter is the only viable way. Otherwise I'm looking at needing something like 40 resistors and that would be a nightmare to wire up.

Will do more research on this and hopefully come up with a good design by the time I'm ready to order the parts.
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Some of these sensors are poorly explained. For example, what does an "Avoid" sensor do? Or a Heartbrat?

I have a sheet with pictures of each, with the name in English and Chinese. This is it. I might want, I don't know part data sheets? Part numbers? haha nope. Big Sound and Small Sound are presumably related to sensing sound, and the big one is indeed bigger than the small. What sort of capability difference do they have? No idea.

I guess skimping on documentation was a big part of why this kit with 37 sensors was affordable.

Working with these things might be interesting.
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So I'm working on building a dice roller thing with Arduino. Technically, it won't roll dice, though I suppose I could work on something that does. But it will have the same effect.

The idea will be to select die size and count, press a button, and then it will generate an appropriate random number.

Some design notes follow.

Basic UI:
Die Size Selector: Two buttons, to scroll up and down through various die sizes from D4 through D100. In the initial version, at least, it will only support those die sizes used in Dungeons and
Dragons 5th Edition. Seven Segment displays will be used to display this information.

Die Count Selector: Same hardware setup. This will be the number of "dice" to roll. Selectable quantities will range from 1-99.

The seven segment displays will be two digits- ideally, actual two digit units but if I can't source those at reasonable cost I'll resort to paired single digit parts. Driven by a shift register to ensure output pin requirements can be satisfied with an Arduino Uno.

Die Roller: A single button to roll dice as specified in the above, displayed on a 4 digit 7 segment display, again driven by a shift register to keep pin usage within the Unos capabilities.

Unanswered questions:
Can 2 digit displays be sourced at a reasonable cost? I've got a thought to try to sell these things if they function well, and very small differences might be critical in whether or not I can make that work. Buying a couple for prototyping is nothing, but for production it might matter. But also worth considering in the paired single digit solution is the need for more shift registers.

Speaking of shift registers, do I chain them or run them independently? The former will mean the least demand on Arduino output pins, but, the latter will make it easier to keep code driving each display more thoroughly separated. Cost should be the same. Maybe a couple cents difference over multiple units for the extra wiring.
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Scrolling through Amazon for 7 segment displays and wondering why some are so much cheaper than others. What am I sacrificing by cheaping out?

My guess is that I'll be sacrificing some brightness and/or longevity if anything at all. Given my current need is just for prototyping, this should be a reasonable tradeoff to save some money. If this project goes to a production version I sell, I can look at higher quality components. And I'd be buying on a larger scale which should keep my unit costs reasonable even then.
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Soooo tinder. I was formulating an actual message to send to a match that's been there a while(I've previously sent a "hey"), then I run into someone looking very much like her only different tattoos.

Of course a recent pic on Tinder shows the new ink.

This seems awkward, like if I don't mention I saw her it feels like I'm hiding something. But saying I did almost sounds stalkery, even though it was entirely a chance sighting it might still look bad and many women are justifiably very touchy on that sort of thing.

Also possibly complicating this is she looked at me. Unsure if it was seeing the movement and checking it out, if she thought I might need help(she was at work), or might have recognized me too?

This is all confusing to me and there are probably social norms for this sort of thing that I completely missed for any number of reasons.
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Wondering if my DnD character should pick up a longbow. It would give a much better extreme long range option than the shortbow. And should events arise in which the compact nature of the shortbow becomes important enough to prefer it, I've got a bag of holding that is far from full. I can easily switch between them and keep the extra out of the way.

Longsword is *almost* a consideration, but I'd lose sneak attack which is better with a +1 dagger or a shortsword than a longsword is. Like, a lot better, especially when offhands are considered. It would be better in a protracted one on one fight, but that's something I try to avoid.

Though, familiars can apparently use the help action in combat, which would let me sneak attack every round even without other allies nearby. Of course, familiars are fragile so there's a good chance I'd only get away with this a couple times before he gets smacked.

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So reading about cast iron apparently it can be an issue for some vegans. The thing is, most cookware, when you are done with it you clean it down to the bare surface, whether it's steel or teflon or whatever, get everything out down to that layer.

Cast iron you don't. That would actually be bad and make food stick way more and leave it more vulnerable to rusting. You clean it, but gently and try to preserve the oil seasoning.

That seasoning layer is the problem, because fats from meat will get incorporated into it and traces might leech into your food. Very little, but still. An extremely strict vegan wouldn't want to eat food prepared in a pan with this issue. Hell, even with nonstick and stainless steel pans, people cooking for vegans and non vegans will sometimes have separate sets of cookware to avoid any chance of this.

I know some people who keep a kosher diet run parallel sets of cookware, I imagine this could be an issue for many diet plans. I just hadn't thought of the applicability to veganism before today.
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So I'm in a DnD solstice campaign(we had one equinox session).

I'm playing a Rogue(Arcane Trickster)/Wizard.

Thinking that Divination might be the best Arcane Tradition to pick up when I get a second level in Wizard. Currently Rogue 4/Wizard 1, probably grabbing Rogue 5 for the next level up and then Wizard 2.

Based on who she was when this all started, Conjuration would be the obvious choice- copying keys and such for various shenanigans. But the way the game has gone I think Divination might be more in character at this point.

Both have substantial uses when it comes to raw mechanics.

I've had a brief moment of temptation to Evocation, but she hits pretty hard already. Paired +1 daggers, Ray of Frost, and a shortbow... I've got a good base of options for combat. Going into a heavily combat oriented tradition would just be redundant as all hell, and this is already a multiclass build with significant overlap. Not complete- the MC gets me ritual casting, a wider selection of spells, more total spells- so it's still useful. I'm basically doubling down on dirty tricks and information gathering with my spell selection. Arcane Trickster leaning a bit more on the Arcane side of things.

I do plan my next level to be Rogue, and that session is a few months away, and the next one after a few months later... so I have time to think about this and really review all of my options.


Jul. 29th, 2018 12:13 am
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I guess I'm here? Was lordindra on Livejournal, most of the stuff I wrote there is cringey as fuck so an import is debatable. Maybe. We'll see. Hi!


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